Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:35 +0000

Forgive me for joining the party late....

>> I'll bet that more people go after me with machine guns for being a
>> (natural!) neurohack than will ever object to my efforts in AI. After
>> all, an altered human is there, already existent, easy to see, easy to
>> conceptualize, easy to fear, and easy to hate.
>> I'd love to work on neurohacking but unfortunately I expect enough
>> public and governmental interference to make the point moot. Nobody's
>> going to let me experiment on 11-year-olds, which is where the most good
>> could be done. I doubt it'll even be possible to hack around with
>> adults except on some offshore hospital-boat. And I certainly can't run
>> the effort via PGP.

This neurohacking... are you talking about neural-interface hardware, or about optimising the productivity of the existing nervous system?

If the latter, do you contend that we humans don't do just that every time we interact, or think for that matter? (Okay, not "every" time, but that the potential doesn't exist in both interaction and thought?)

And if the former, do you feel we're sufficiently evolved to accept physical/mental enhancers without posing tremendous risk to both ourselves and our world?