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Jeff Fabijanic <> Wrote:

>upright animals see better over tall grass, and present a smaller
>cross-section to the hot savana sun

I've heard that theory but I think it unlikely. It seem like lots of open grass land should push us in the opposite direction toward a fast animal with 4 legs, bipedalism should work better in a dense jungle but that's not what happened. It's a mystery.

>they adapted a grasping hand into a *throwing* hand. And it is perhaps
>the increased brain power necessary to accurately project a missile to
> it's target that really started our incredibly fast ride up the river of intelligence.

I've heard that too, and it would be a very hard way to make a living. I think even major league baseball pitchers, who are better at it than 99.99% of the other members of their species, would soon starve to death if they were just eating animals they killed by throwing irregular rocks at them.

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