Re: Links to scientific studies of homeopathy

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 08:35:16 -0700 (PDT)

> Read the other papers. How many double-blind studies in
> peer-reviewed journals do you need???

As many as would be expected for something like, say, Viagara. 5 or 10 studies, reproduced by independent laboratories or universities (or high schools for that matter), all testing a specific formulation to treat a specific malady, with consistent far-beyond-placebo results to a 95% confidence factor. Any common over-the-counter drug would pass that test easily. Not one of the many studies cited comes close (though several do show minimally positive results).

> There are research areas that I consider a waste of time, wrong-headed, or
> where I am not yet convinced of the validity of their theories or approaches.
> But I would not condemn them with the sort of offensive, inflammatory
> language that you (and some of the other posters) have used. I accept
> that men of good will can disagree, and acknowledge the possibility that
> I may be wrong in my assessments.

I can tolerate other ideas, but actions are different. If homeopaths did nothing but research, I would consider them merely silly. If they want to waste their own time, that's their business. But they don't just do research: they sell false hope and empty promises; they hurt people. They drive people away from effective medical treatment. I am less tolerant of that.

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