The brain and the hand

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From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky <>

>The evolution of human intelligence had nothing to do with tool use,
>IMHO. Human intelligence was the result of social competition for mates.

I don't think so, all animals have social competition for mates, but only humans evolved intelligence. I think it's because we have two free limbs and so have the most important tool of all, the hand, without it intelligence wouldn't be as important as it is; a much more intelligent deer wouldn't have a much greater survival rate. The fossil record gives some support for my claim, 3 million years ago Lucy was fully bipedal and had a hand with a opposable thumb, but her brain wasn't much bigger than that in a modern chimpanzee.

Bipedalism is important because a hand that's good at locomotion is not good at manipulating objects, but why did we become bipedal? Evolution has no foresight so a desire of a big brain can't be the reason humans walked upright, there are lots of theories but nobody knows for sure.

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