Re: $N, a test of imagination

Bryan Moss (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 03:58:42 +0100

> > Paul, up until the $1,000 mark you're really thinking but you missed
> > something important - you didn't give any money to the judge, therefore
> > I've rated you poorly. Let this be a lesson!
> Bryan, you must have missed it. At the $1000 mark I was
> going to start booking flights to convene with the brightest
> minds on the planet. Did I neglect to mention that one of
> those minds was you?

Better would be, "did I neglect to mention that the brightest of those minds would be you?"

> Please forgive my oversight oh generous one!

I'll pay you in diamonds at the current rate.

The payment shall be made before the year 2045.