MEDIA: the doors open

Kathryn Aegis (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 21:55:40

Absolutely amazing. The most politically conservative, policy-oriented news show goes primetime and devotes an entire hour to transhumanist and posthumanist future scenarios. Outstanding performances by Kurzweiler and Hiller, I might add. The mainstream television media has just caught up to the Wired press.

This is the opportunity that I thought would take at least another year to happen. Now is the time for transhumanists to approach mainstream media outlets and pitch stories, op-ed pieces and interviews. Because these other media outlets will be following the lead of Nightline and looking for futurist/computer stories. Or, you could mention that Nightline did this story and would they like something similar? If you get to them early, you will get into their rolodexes first. But do it soon!

Kathryn Aegis
roving media advisor and transhumanist bon vivant