Re: Psi and Science Fiction
5 Aug 1999 17:19:23 -0700

On Thu, 05 August 1999, "Bryan Moss" wrote:

> I find it difficult to conceptualise what exactly these people are studying.
> They seem to be looking at the body of science and then looking for
> anomalous data.

It's the anomalies that allow our scientific knowledge to grow. Only Studying easily predictable phenomena is about as idioitic as the guy who only looks for his keys where the light it is.

Why aren't telekenesis researchers physicists or telepathy
> researchers neuroscientists? Why do these people go out of their way to
> study things beyond the realms of (common sense) science?

First of all, the guys at PEAR are physicists. Secondly, are you serious? Only staying within the realms of common sense? Get a clue! Einstein's Relativity is about as uncommon sense as you can get, and QM is even weirder than that. Where have you been?