Re: PSI: Skeptics Opinions Needed.
5 Aug 1999 14:19:53 -0700

On Thu, 05 August 1999, "O. Razor" wrote:


> Well, firstly I would like to know if you were experimenting with any
> psychoactive drugs at the time. Need I say more (in regards to psychoactive
> drug use and its relation to your supposed out-of-body experience)?


> As for other explainations more plausible than psi, I can offer such things
> as selective thinking, wishful thinking, self-deception, memory
> reconstruction, confirmation bias, communal reinforcement, subjective
> validation, etc.

Yes, these are easy and *convenient* explanations, but they don't hold water, primarily because such selective thinking, self-deception, memory reconstruction, confirmation bias has not cropped up any other substantial instance. So why would it crop *only* when I have unexplained and aparrently 'psi' experiences? Frankly, its just as much of a stretch as an actual 'psi' event. I'm not buying it.