Re: Anti-homeopathic rhetoric

Christian Weisgerber (
4 Aug 1999 22:33:04 +0200

David Lubkin <> wrote:

> While there has past been criticism of homeopathy in other countries, it is
> now considered part of conventional medicine in many countries
> whose technology and medicine we respect -- such as France, Germany,
> and the UK -- as well as those we in the U.S. view more dubiously,
> like India and Brazil.

Ah, I love it. Has anybody else noticed how people (not only kooks) love to refer to how their pet idea is receiving more approval in other countries? Alas, this works increasingly less well with an international audience.

Living here in Germany, I can tell you that homeopathy (Hom÷opathie) is considered quackery. Except by the quacks and their victims, of course.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber