Re: Re: cryptonomicon question
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 22:38:04 EDT

Read more closely the circumstances surrounding Root's supposed death, gents. You ought to pick up intimations of medical fraud. I strongly doubt that Stephenson had any time-travel/alternate universe narrative foolishness in mind.

>Spike Jones wrote:
>>Nowthen, can someone explain to me why Enoch Root and Bobby
>>Shaftoe seem to have attended each other's funerals? Enoch
>>Root died on page 541. Bobby Shaftoe is there. How does
>>Root show up on the bottom of page 877, and why is he
>>one of the conspirators standing on Bobby Shaftoe's grave
>>on the top of page 880? spike
> Curiouser and curiouser. I noticed the same thing, though
>attributed it to my "missing something" in the plot along the way. Also,
>remember that Root is alive and well in the adjoining cell to Randy
>Waterhouse in present day. Had Robert Anton Wilson been the author, I
>would have assumed that this apparent plothole would just be there to make
>sure the reader was paying attention. However...