Re: cryptonomicon question

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 19:01:16 -0700

Spike Jones wrote:
>Nowthen, can someone explain to me why Enoch Root and Bobby
>Shaftoe seem to have attended each other's funerals? Enoch
>Root died on page 541. Bobby Shaftoe is there. How does
>Root show up on the bottom of page 877, and why is he
>one of the conspirators standing on Bobby Shaftoe's grave
>on the top of page 880? spike

Curiouser and curiouser. I noticed the same thing, though attributed it to my "missing something" in the plot along the way. Also, remember that Root is alive and well in the adjoining cell to Randy Waterhouse in present day. Had Robert Anton Wilson been the author, I would have assumed that this apparent plothole would just be there to make sure the reader was paying attention. However...

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