Re: Seeing a wider spectrum
4 Aug 1999 18:19:37 -0700

On Wed, 04 August 1999, "David Lubkin" wrote:

> I had a girlfriend long ago who said she saw auras.

Seeing so called "auras" is an easy skill to teach. The real question is what exactly are you seeing once you spot it? Is it a trick of the cornea? Is it ambient light that is being refracted through body heated air? Or is it some kind of energy field (like that found Kirlain Photographs) yet to be explained by science? I have no opinion.

But for those that are curious, seeing "aura's" can be self-taught in as little as 15 minutes. All you have to do is sit in front of a mirror with a white background behind you. You want to focus aprox ~ 2 -3 feet behind your head. After a few moments of focusing your eyes just behind your head, you should begin to notice (somewhat indirectly) a faintly colored light surrounding your body. It is true, that this "aura" can come in every color. As to its authenticity or New Age claim that its a predictor of your psyche, I remain unconvinced. Its too bad no one has done a study on this easily observable pheonomona. I'm curious if its just a trick of the eye or something else altogether.

Paul Hughes