Re: $N, a test of imagination
4 Aug 1999 17:11:26 -0700

On Wed, 04 August 1999, "Bryan Moss" wrote:

> I think it's about time we had a 'what would you do with nth amount of
> dollars?' thread. The categories are as follows:
> $1

Buy a good cup of coffee to help finish answering the rest of these questions.

> $10

Buy a good paperback on how to manage large sums of money.

> $1 Hundred

Buy a good accounting program to help me manage large sums of money.

> $1 Thousand

Book a few air flights to convene with some of the brightest people on the planet about organizing some key projects involving large sums of money.

> $1 Million

Start my own nanotechnology reseach company, invest in my own personal longevity. Use my position to get to know well the most promising longevity researchers.

> $1 Billion

With approzimately $600 Million I would start my own space commercialiation venture. I would hire the best of the best to design and develope a cheap means of travel to low earth orbit. Another $200 million would go to the further development of nanotechnology longevity reseacg as well as complexity design and management software. Another $196 million would go towards Closed Ecological Support Systems research. The remaining $4 million would go to hiring the brightest minds to crack the lightspeed problem - i.e. wormholes, acubierre warp drive,etc.

> $1 Trillion

Research, design, build and implement a large scale space infrastructure that could operate completely independently of earth. This would include extensive asterioid capture and resource extraction, L4 & L5 space colony development, and wide spread zero-g manufacturing and sci/tech reseach facilities. I would prefer that all nanotech and AI research be conducted in space to insulate any accidents that might occur. At least $5 billion would now be spent on research to break the lightspeed barrier.

> $1 Quadrillion

This kind of buying power should easily allow the achievment of the assembler breakthrough, and push nanotech research ahead at breathtaking speed. With this amount of capital it should become very easy to achieve breakthroughs in uploading, AI, longevity, and environmental restoration. Futher investments should allow the majority of humans to live like millionaires, migrate to space, upload themselves, etc. Maybe an FTL breakthrough?

> $1 Pentillion

Colonize the Galaxy

> $1 Hexillion

Use the first of the money to finance the Far-Edge Party. Spend the rest of the money on figuring out how to create new universe to escape the eventual heat death or big crunch of this one. Upgrade all known entities to M-Brain status. Begin to explore the nearest 1000 galaxies.

> $1 Septillion

Explore the nearest 1 million galaxies. Begin Universe creation experiments.

> $1 Octillion

Explore the rest of the universe not yet explored.

> $1 Ninthillion

Create new universes.

> $1 Decillion

Thow a huge 'Welcome to the Omega Point' Party!

Paul Hughes