Re: Seeing a wider spectrum

Spike Jones (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 16:55:29 -0700

> [David Lubkin] had a girlfriend long ago who said she saw auras... recently, I've
> heard the suggestion that people who see
> "auras" are actually seeing a colour or two into the ultraviolet.

David this gives me one hell of an idea. We could *make* such an instrument, that could be worn on a helmet or something. We already have instruments that let us see an octave or so lower frequency than visible (night vision goggles) but i see no reason why we couldnt do the same trick with the next octave higher than visible. CCDs can be tuned to pretty much any frequency range, within limits. Put visible light filters on them, allow near UV. Sell them as aura-vision goggles. Halo viewing helmets. Clothing penetrating glasses. We could make enough money to get us *all* frozen. {8^D spike