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Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:45:41 -0400

Craig Presson wrote:
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> > >There's no evidence for "luck" as an attribute of individuals, and I don't
> > >see any plausible way to posit a mechanism for it. Sounds a lot like "Psi."
> > >If either were proved to exist, that would be a huge scientific revolution,
> > >completely aside from possibilities of natural or sexual selection being
> > used
> > >to enhance any such abilities.
> > >> >
> > of course ;) I was just kidding, I've read Ringworld some little time ago,
> > and one of the person in the book is choosen for a quest just because of her
> > extreme luck.
> I knew I had seen that theme in a SF book at some point. There is also The
> Duck in
> Spider Robinson's Callahan's stories, same deal -- improbable stuff happens
> around him
> constantly. I think it's pretty craven of an author to use
> something that remarkable and not take a good shot at explaining it.
> Robinson can be
> excused because no one would mistake his stuff for hard SF, but Niven ...
> sheesh.
> I stopped reading SF for a long time because of stuff like this.

Yeah, the Puppeteer's plot to add the birth lotteries to the human society supposedly bred it. As for myself, I've often thought of myself as a sort of Murphy Vortex, that odd and/or bad luck things always tend to happen to me, that have nothing to do with carelessness. Few if any good luck things tend to happen. I find it interesting that studies I've seen trying to find 'luck' always focus on GOOD luck, to no avail. I can't find anyone who has tried to find bad luck deviations from the norm.

The only good result of a lot of my odd or bad experiences is that I have a lot of stories to tell..

Mike Lorrey