Re: Neurohacking [was Re: Major Public AI Backlash Inevitable.]

Tim Bates (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 20:53:20 +1000

>> Eliezer wrote: 
>> I'd love to work on neurohacking but unfortunately I expect enough
>> public and governmental interference to make the point moot.  Nobody's
>> going to let me experiment on 11-year-olds, which is where the most good
>> could be done.

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> I think you may be wrong. As soon as the genes responsible for intelligence
> are identified (~50% +/- (some disputable amount) of intelligence is
> inherited) we are going to have to face up to the facts that
> (a) parents are going to want to genotype and select "intelligent"
> children (after all you are "investing" ~$500K in raising them).
> (b) engineer them directly for intelligence.
> The writing is on the wall....

You are correct Robert.