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Gina Miller (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 01:55:07 -0700

Along this line of thought, someone on another list had requested I start a page cataloging movies within themes. (includes: machine intelligence transhumanism human augmentation)
This has since been ignored, but if anyone else has any contributions, feel free,(please include the groupings along with movie titles) the page resides at:

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>Metropolis to Independence Day: 70 Years of SciFi-
>Through the Eyes of Time:
>Anthology of Time magazine reviews of American science
>fiction films. Covers the decades of the 1920s to the '90s.
>Exploration of artificial intelligence--and computers
>generally--in film. Investigates such issues as how films
>represent and make distinctions between human and machine
>intelligence, how films respond to and create cultural
>fears of computers, and whether technology serves humans
>or is its master. Includes galleries of sounds and annotated
>images from relevant films and a decade-by-decade survey of
>computers in film.