Re: gods, AI and the human ego.

m (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 22:34:35 -0700 (PDT)

(someone) wrote:
> > If you
> > really are God, you have near infinite powers and
> can eventually do
> > any finite task no matter how big. If, for a
> relative few cents, you
> > could by the research and work required to
> recreate many of the
> > dinosaurs (along with a great expansive place to
> keep them) Wouldn't
> > you donate the few cents in relative effort to
> your overall ability no
> > matter how much you were interested in and putting
> the rest of your
> > abilities in other things?

> If you were interested in seeing these species in
> action. I'm sure
> they're not very exciting to an SI. I know ! Lets
> get a petri dish and grow
> a load of bacteria from some undiscovered primal
> pool ! yeah....look at 'em
> go.....see how they mop up all that nasty glucose!
> Not very exciting is it?
> We currently have interest in dinosaurs and stuff,
> as they're very big and
> scary - hardly a concern for an SI - it would be
> more like my petri dish
> example to them.

But even amongst different plain ol' ordinary humans, there are diffrent interests. To a biochemist, bacteria slurping up glucose *is* probably quite interesting.

How can you say that some SI would *not* be interested in a particular subject?

We might not be the most dazzling thing in the universe, but with all their brainpower, maybe there are many fields SI's would look at (including "boring" hominids).


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