RE: I love women who can punch through walls too-Star Trek questi

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 13:27:54 +1000

> Hello Emlyn and Eleizer,
> I admit the notion of a beautiful woman who can punch holes in concrete
> excites me too!! In Star Trek-The Motion Picture it was the veeger copy
> of
> a crew member named Illya who literally smashed her way effortlessly
> through
> a door when she grew impatient. Now would you want a girl like that in
> your
> life?
> sincerely,
> John Grigg
John, I think you are giving me credit for this thread where none is due (if you were just saying hi, then right back at ya!). I have been meaning to add my meaningless opinion to this thread though.

/alert sexist_drivel
Women punching through walls? Well, I like Buffy, but Xena, now there's a woman...
/end alert

I've kicked a hole in a wall by accident, it's all too easy. If you are talking strong, sci-fi type walls (metal?) then that's another story.

If Jodie (my dear wife) could punch through walls, that might be useful, as we both forget our keys relatively often. Or maybe it might be a bad idea - we usually get in somehow, and those repair bills might get expensive!

(a woman who could fix the wall again afterwards, hmm, that's got something...)