Tricks of the Mind (and Military)

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Jason Cikaluk's <> loud call for help regarding his wormhole E.T. contact reminds me of my own struggles to identify the source of audio hallucinations and "other-than-self" movement of my tongue, eyes, hands and head.

It's very spooky to be physically controlled by invisible forces that have full access to one's own memory banks and imagination.

I sympathize with his desire to receive CT, PET and MRI scans.

I once saw a PBS special on the brain, in which a person with multiple personality disorder was PET scanned. The different personality states clearly showed up as mapping to different physical areas in the brain. Literally, different minds within the same skull, sharing the same interface to the body.

In most cases, these different regions are active at different times, rather than simultaneously. Their sensory-motor cortex allocation is different; they share knowledge of language, but have different speech patterns, vocabulary, intonation, goals, grammar, posture, coordination, skill sets, memories, peer identification, food tastes.

What interests me is the integration process when these different states are active simultaneously, perhaps "conferencing".

In my case, any reports of implants, remote control, channelling, or extra terrestrial telepathy are likely to be explained in terms of post traumatic disorder or dissociation. Unfortunately, my childhood included many incidents of domestic violence, rape and sodomy by neighbor at the age of 6, divorce and custody battles between parents with opposing belief systems and values, repeated sadistic torture by an older brother, 8 years of orthodontia resulting shifting tmj position, broken knee resulting in change in leg length and posture.

Bottom line: fragmented memory states, access cues, emotions and personality. I am a skeptic. I also distrust authority and do not rule out the possibility that some of this may have been scripted.

Finding the truth isn't always easy, and doesn't always set you free.


Am I hosting a time-travelling alien worm? Is there a nanocomputer implanted in my brain? Are my thoughts monitored by a secret military mind control group? Is there a supraconscious oversoul that choreographs human action and synchronicities? Or is it just too much coffee and pot?

I sympathize with Jason's desire to receive CT, PET and MRI scans.

> Subject: Thought Privacy
> Date: 95-02-12 00:30:52 EST
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> >I wonder if it is possible to build a nano-scale device which could
> >be implanted into all people which could monitor their internal
> >dialog and notify thought police when potential ecological threats
> >are detected?
> >In the event that a threat was detected, what sort of intervention
> >would be indicated?
> Well, sure, but while you're at it why not simply detect whenever
> they're considering doing *anything* bad, and take appropriate
> actions. No need to bother the thought police, since the Monitor is
> already conveniently sited in the citizen's brain.
> I can't claim credit for this idea, though. I got it from reading an
> old A.E. van Vogt story about The Weapons SHops of Isher. I once asked
> van Vogt about this and he thought the idea had come to him in a
> dream.
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> I heard that there were aliens on aol, but thought it was unlikely
> until now.
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