Re: Alpha Radiation
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 10:25:55 -0700

John Clark, <>, writes:
> In the second place, the chemical bonds in the rungs are much weaker
> than those in the backbone, although even the strongest chemical bonds
> are of only a few electron volts . I'm talking about average run of
> the mill radiation particles and they have thousands, often millions,
> and sometimes many billions of electron volts of energy.

Yes, at there is a chart of the neutrinos received from supernova 1987A. They mostly are in the range of 10 to 40 million electron volts. According to energies of alpha particles from radioactive decay are typically in the range of 5 to 10 million electron volts. So supernova neutrinos appear to be a few times more energetic than such alpha particles (although much less likely to be absorbed, of course).