Re: IA vs. AI was: longevity vs singularity (fwd)
2 Aug 1999 15:58:49 -0700

On Mon, 02 August 1999, "Robert J. Bradbury" wrote:

> > ~I missed Extro 3, can you elaborate on this Minsky characterization?
> I was there and found it fairly "interesting". Someone in the audience,
> I believe asked Marvin what he considered to be a stupid question
> (somebody correct me if this is wrong). Marvin's response was, I
> believe, in essence, "That's a stupid question, could you sit
> down so we could move onto the next question". The person refused
> and then things got very loud.

The way I remember it Minsky told the questioner, "Could you please ask your question and stop wasting our time. You are being very inconsiderate to the rest of us". Upon which the person said, "who are you to decide if I'm taking too long, the question is not directed at you anyway". Marvin said, "I'd don't care if it's directed at me, you are wasting *my* time, so please leave so someone with more intelligence can ask a real question." Or words to that effect. I distinctly recall the look of dismay amongst the other panel members.