Will SETI show us we can survive?

Larry Klaes (lklaes@bbn.com)
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 11:03:50 -0400

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>"There are some who look on our global problems here on Earth -- at our
>vast national antagonisms, our nuclear arsenals, our growing populations,
>the disparity between the poor and the affluent, shortages of food and
>resources, and our inadvertent alterations of the natural environment --
>and conclude that we live in a system that has suddenly become unstable, a
>system that is destined soon to collapse. There are others who believe
>that our problems are soluble, that humanity is still in its childhood,
>that one day soon we will grow up. The receipt of a single message from
>space would show it is possible to live through such technological
>adolescence: the transmitting civilization, after all, has survived. Such
>knowledge, it seems to me, might be worth a great price."

>_Broca's Brain_, "The Quest for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
>brian j colaluca, who is 33 packets into his SETI@home and still chugging...
>Frederick, MD
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