Quote from James L. Gunn's "The Listeners"

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>Subject: Sagan: Quote from James L. Gunn's "The Listeners"
>This is a book that I highly recommend all of you read (if you can find a
>copy). Plus, it's dedicated in part to Carl Sagan...
>Pages 250-251:
>"Saturday was the Day of the Reply, a holiday in all parts of the world, the
>day the world had been awaiting for ninety years, and it was as if the world
>was awakening from a long sleep - no, not a sleep but a dream, a kind of
>wonderful slowed-down reality, a dream about humanity and what mankind might
>be like with a bit more time, a little less urgency, a bit more grace, a
>little less adrenaline. The Project set up nearly one hundred fifty years
>before to listen for messages from the stars and the Message from Capella
>that it had received and deciphered had given Earth and its people ninety
>years of peace in which to explore the other aspects of humanity besides
>aggression. The problems which had seemed so difficult, virtually
>insolvable, one hundred and fifty, even ninety, years before had seemed to
>solve themselves once the world relaxed."
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