Re: longevity vs singularity/Question

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Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:06:40 -0700

From: den Otter <> From: Billy Brown <>
(just) a single, "instantaneous" procedure that would transfer
one's thought into a computer. I'm strongly in favor of the gradual approach, as opposed to the scanning method where essentially a "copy" is being uploaded.

*Say that there are two "copies" of an original person uploaded. There are two persons with the same uploaded (or downloaded) data, consisting of one originals information, what is the perspective of the consciousness? Are these to copies from two different viewpoints experiencing the same consciousness? See I was having a conversation with someone and we were discussing consciousness. He was stating that a conscious is not tangable enough to be transferred into information to be dowloaded. I told him that the real question is "what is the definition of consciousness", until that is clear this kind of question is limited in answer. Any idea's?

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