RE: The Extinction Challenge

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 17:53:15 +1000

> > Actually, this has been discussed on, and it was
> said
> > supernovae neutrinos would be lethal in only a few AU. See
> >
> > with calculations.
> > But conversely,
> >
> > claiming stars can collapse without being supernovae, and generate
> enough
> > neutrinos to at least cause lots of cancer.
> Which only affects those on one side of the planet. Anyone on the dark
> nappytime side just has to deal with a worldwide tsunami, assuming the
> entire atmosphere hasn't already been stripped off by the swelling
> effects of the late red giant stage prior to the supernova.
> If you are dealing with an interstellar civilization, its all a matter
> of what size civilization we are talking about. Its amazing what a
> couple thousand light years and the dust and gas in between can do to
> reduce your risk of GRB related skin cancers.
> Mike Lorrey
Factor 30+ sunscreen? How about living underground?