Re: Apology re blank subject line

Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 20:47:45 +1000 (GMT+1000)

My hideous actions still truly shame me, and will probably haunt me for decades to come. As a token offer of compensation (not that i'm pretending that any action by my worthless self could possibly compensate for the deep scars my past writings have surely caused), i hereby promise to donate, at my SI graduation party, either a full millisecond of processing time for each of the list's members' favourite meme (limit of one per original current members of the list, no copies), or a lovely pink set of goo-proof tupperware (limited offer, available till not available, perfect way to carry around your oranges and other brain modules). I look upon your magnamious selves to grant me at least a partial pardon on any punishments, all of which i most surely deserve, that are currently ordained as a sign of your grandiosity, taking into account my above stated humble offer and my further promise that i am a reformed worm and that it (i will not speak its horrific name) will never happen again. And, please Michael, don't shoot my kneecaps off. Yours ashamedly,
Alejandro belowmosquitobrain Dubrovsky

Rob Harris Cen-IT wrote:

This feeble apology's not nearly good enough for the sickening crime you perpetrated, scum. We want 500 pages of "I'm a stupid, negligent, tired, lazy piece of shit" in a very fine tipped pen. THEN, we may call back the
bounty on your mum's head. Tsk. Disgusting. 8P