Re: The Extinction Challenge
28 Jul 1999 21:33:54 -0000

"John Clark" <> wrote:

> >I hereby challenge anyone to come up with a disaster, natural or
> >artificial, that could reasonably be expected to render an advanced
> >spacefaring species completely extinct.

> just a garden variety supernova would probably do the trick if it were close
> enough. Neutrino are normally harmless but the flux from one of these
> monsters would be so incredibly enormous all life would probably be
> sterilize within a few dozen cubic light years. The other unpleasant aspects
> of a supernova could be shielded against but not neutrinos, it's hopeless,
> you're fried.

Actually, this has been discussed on, and it was said supernovae neutrinos would be lethal in only a few AU. See with calculations.
But conversely, claiming stars can collapse without being supernovae, and generate enough neutrinos to at least cause lots of cancer.

-xx- Damien X-)