Re: A thank you to all of those who had suggestions for me
28 Jul 1999 11:49:54 -0700

On Tue, 27 July 1999, "john grigg" wrote:

> I was surprised how many of you are into
> nutritional and chemical means of improvement but not mechanical means. I
> felt like a lack of money on many of our parts may be why there were not
> people offering advice on the items listed in the excellent book
> "Megabrains."


Sorry for jumping in with some suggestions this late in the thread. I have tried several of the machines mentioned in 'Megabrain'. I even owned an Endomax around 1989-90. Of all the machines I tried, the Grahm Potentializer was most effective. However, I've never tried any machines since then.

At this point I favor chemicals. My current choice is SomatoPro. Since you mentioned that you're taking some anti-depressants, SomatoPro also seems ideally suited for that purpose. I don't have depression myself, so I can only speak of others experiences. Either way, SomatoPro's effects are immediate, and for the most part permanent. I highly recommend you buy a bottle and see for yourself.


Paul Hughes