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Tue, 27 Jul 1999 17:45:13 -0400 (EDT)


Never heard of any confirmed results. Hard to teach lab mice to do yoga. Probably overall good for your health, subjective feelings of well-being, etc. For cultural reasons practitioners might abstain from overeating, thus gaining the benefit of caloric restriction. I *doubt* yoga works for the reasons its practitioners think that it works. True of a sizeable class of alternative interventions.

It remains true that the confirmed methods of life extension on the scale of decades in humans are avoidance of smoking and practicing of safer sex. But that's merely improving statistical odds, so maybe it doesn't count in many people's estimations.

Top runners-up are caloric restriction, anti-oxidants, and melatonin.

Then, there are assorted promising but unxeplored leads. For example, Tyler Parr's CR-less CR.

And then, there are the rumours and speculations.

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> I would like to know what you think about yoga talking about life extension.
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