RE: I need advice on the best and cheapest devices and methods to

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:40:39 +1000

> > Well, if you are trying to get good IQ tests this might be a good
> > approach.
> > If you're interested in getting smarter, you may as well rub cod liver
> oil
> > on your nads in my opinion.
> >
> Yeah, IQ tests may ONLY make you better at IQ tests. I think this is
> unlikely. As I mentioned before, IQ tests are designed to work your brain
> in
> various respects - those repects which people would generally agree relate
> to "intelligence". Some if not all of your new skills are going to be of
> use
> in some respect to everyday thought. To propose that IQ test training will
> have no effect upon the mental facets it monitors, is to say that you
> cannot
> learn to become more proficient at IQ tests, which you certainly can. Some
> brain optimisations/enhancements will be made as this proficiency is
> attained. Do you really think that the IQ test is so irrelevant that the
> skills it calls upon will NEVER be required in everyday life?
No, of course not, you might have to fill in all kinds of forms for example, or pass a test at uni, or even fill in an online personality quiz.

Really, though, they are tests, not information. There will be some (small) amount of information in them, but you are better off learning something a bit more real. Unless you really need to get good at passing tests.

Best and cheapest methods to improve your brain: I'd say go find uni courses on line in areas that interest you - don't pay for them, just find on-line notes. Or any reputable material really. You can go a really long way toward intellectual optimisation before you need leave the net.

Another good thing for your brain is to post controversial opinions to mailing lists, then try defending them. Start with stuff that is pretty neutral, then move towards the more outlandish, approaching content which goes against the very core beliefs of the group in question. Don't use qualifiers like IMHO; go for bald statements of "fact". Make up statistics.

Seriously, I find it has really picked my soggy public servant brain up off the comfy cushions to interact on 'net lists, especially on a list like this one, which combines strongly (!) held views with high intelligence (plus a dash of beligerence). Mentally, you've got to be conditioned for combat!

Emlyn, ninja geek