O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:45:36 +1000

> > I would
> > not call the cops on a homeopath, nor would I prevent neo-Nazis from
> > publishing a newsletter, but I would not allow either one in my house.
> > Libertarian politics do not preclude moral judgment.
> >
> You won't let a homeopath into your house? I assume you know what a
> homeopath is - a quack that'll try to cure AIDS with table salt. Is this
> worthy of hatred, though? I realise that self-righteousness and judgement
> is
> still as big in the US as always, but this takes the piss !
Plus, I reckon if I had AIDS I might try the table salt. Bring it all on! Some of it might just work...

But homeopaths have been known to steal the silverware, so you'd want to keep an eye on them. And NEVER leave your pets alone with a chiropractor!