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>Creatures composed of dark matter, for example, haven't even been mentioned.

It hasn't been mentioned because there is nothing to say, nobody knows what dark matter is much less has the slightest idea of how it could be organized in such a way as to produce life. I like to speculate too but I need something to go on, otherwise it's not even science fiction, it's just a fairy story.

>one of the guiding notions of the nanotech-hypers is that once a nanotech
>civilization emerges, it's necessarily here to stay. I think this is a particularly
>premature notion).

I hope not but it's possible that the transition to Nanotechnology is so radical that no civilization can survive it. If so then the probability of detecting a civilization when it's in the very brief time span between their invention of radio and their destruction is virtually zero.

Bottom line: if Nanotech is deadly then no ET, if Nanotech is not deadly then we'd see ET, we don't thus no ET.

>In fact, I'd be willing to argue that _some_ of this mantric insistence on
>imperishable, galaxy-spanning supercivilizations is representative of a kind
>of postindustrial God-wish.

You say that almost like it's a bad thing. I'd certainly like to be God and with a little training I think I'd be very good at it, I just need to get the job.

John K Clark

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