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Mon, 26 Jul 1999 19:00:55 -0700

On Monday, July 26, 1999 1:06 PM Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> Yes, is overly regulation-friendly. Many libertarian
> sites are quack-friendly. While neither of those is a great combination,
> both nonetheless contain valuable information. I don't think extropians
> will have any trouble ignoring the political undertones of Quackwatch.
> As a libertarian, I would not choose to use state force to shut down a
> naturopath or a supplement seller or even a psychic--but that doesn't
> mean I approve of them or would want my daughter to marry one. I would
> not call the cops on a homeopath, nor would I prevent neo-Nazis from
> publishing a newsletter, but I would not allow either one in my house.
> Libertarian politics do not preclude moral judgment.

I agree. I think the two go together -- libertarian politics implies the ability of each person to judge. Nonlibertarian politics implies a lack of that ability and a need, to the degree of regulation advocated, for someone else's judgment to take the place of individuals in society.

But I add nothing new to this thread... Forgive the noise.:)


Daniel Ust