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O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 07:05:37 +1000

	Isn't there a concern on this list regarding PR? 
	Basically a concern for being seen as QUACKS?
	And a desire to have the general public at the very least tolerate
ideas of life extension?

This thread may prove a very useful opportunity to understand something of the mindset of derbrains opposed to lengthening life. What we now have is very useful feedback on how people respond to charlatans. You can become your own subjects, in an informal study into how people respond to ideas they perceive as quacky.

Is it reasonable to assume that the PR concerns are about this - being seen as a bunch of crazy fringe looneys? If so why not be a focus group?

If you don't mind using yourself in this way: The questions to address are
What would it take to change your opinion of charlatans from bullshitter to someone who may have something, but you are not very motivated to really care either way?
What would it take to make you change your mind from perceiving someone as a quack to someone legitimate?
What would it take to motivate you to act on their advice? What would it take to make you a life time convert? How would you need to receive messages about their legitimacy? For eg personal testaments, articles in written media by people that you trust, and what sort of person would you trust to persuade you to change your opinion on a quack?

The answers to these questions will provide a good place to start thinking about a PR campaign for immortality.

Did I mention I am a PR person and that I would be very interested in helping to devise a campaign.

Little misses of Emlyn and person in own right

Ofcourse there are bullshit artists around. (I would add CRYSTALS and DOLPHINS to my list. What is it with them?)