Re: POLI: Encouraging Tax Evasion

Mighty Xerxes (
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:44:26 -0400

At 1:21 AM -0400 7/24/99, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

> On the contrary, I posted a lengthy analysis of the tax code long prior
> to your retort and how and why it is a voluntary system for most all
> Americans. Look in the list archives, I posted it about three months
> ago.

  1. It was a question/request-for-documentation, more than a retort.

The word 'retort' implies that I was refuting your claim. I know that there is a dictionary definition that does not include this implication, but I am refering to the more common usage, which does include such an implication. I'm just skeptical (but I would like to think in a non-dogmatic way), and I don't believe people on such matters on a "trust me" basis, especially when the assertions are contrary to the prevailing consensus view. I want some empirical evidence, which I happen to think is a perfectly reasonable and rational attitude. It certainly is an attitude I would expect people to share on this list. So please don't take offense, because I'd like to believe your assertions, but I also need to be convinced by some evidence.

2) Unfortunately, the list archives (<> is the link I get from ExI's homepage) only go up to 3Q 1998, so I could not find your prior post by searching the archives.

Do you have another copy of your post in your "out" box, or somewhere on your harddrive, that you could send me? (Private email is fine). Or some other pointer?

I will admit, however, that I am less interested in a "lengthy analysis of the tax code" than in a simple citation (or four) for that list of four categories of people required to file and/or pay income taxes. I'm not asking you to prove the negative that nobody besides those four categories is required to file and/or pay (I know how hard that proof is, and I know that that proving a negative does require a lengthy analysis to be at all convincing, i.e., worthy of being assessed as "highly probable").

I just asked for simple citations that those four categories are required to pay/file. Those are positive assertions, and should be supportable with specific citations to the U.S. tax code or the decision of an authoritative court. I can then fill in the common legal inference that "what is not included is necessarily excluded" by myself.