Re: Quackery heuristics (was: DETOX)
26 Jul 1999 13:35:47 -0700

On Mon, 26 July 1999, "Lee Daniel Crocker" wrote:

> Of course ignoring for the moment that automated searches will
> exclude sites that contain these terms in order to ridicule them,
> and that "immortality" would block much of ExI, Alcor, and other
> such sites, that's good start on a list. You can also add anything
> that claims to "boost/support the immune system", "melt fat",
> "increase energy" or any site that supports iridology, applied
> kinesiology, ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic touch, "straight"
> chiropractic, and many other long-established frauds.

Are you claiming that all chiropractors are quacks?