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>This has to be the most absurd statement I've yet to read on this list.

I'm the man! I'm number one!

>Assuming that they _wanted_ to engineer the cosmos.

To repeate, "they" don't need to do anything, all it would take is one individual deciding that the Universe wasn't quite the way he'd like it to be.

>And what's with the capital "N" on "nanotechnology"?

I'm big N and I'm proud.

>It's a technology--a tool--not a damned religion. Must we
>all bow our heads in awe to the Great God of Nanotech

My friend, any technology that has the awesome power of Nanotechnology will have religious implications. This fact makes some people uncomfortable. So be it.

>Without Which Interstellar Travel is Impossible?

Interstellar travel is possible without Nanotechnology, it's also silly.

>There are any number of worthwhile things it [ET] could spend its time doing.

Like permanently stimulating the pleasure centers of their brain? There's no disputing matters of taste but personally I don't find a civilization of junkies to be very interesting.

>Again, this pronouncement is ridiculous.

My ideas are certainly crazy, the only question is, are they crazy enough to be true?

John K Clark

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