Re: I need advice on the best and cheapest devices and methods to improve my brain

Skye Howard (
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 05:33:59 -0400 (EDT)

Well- you've certainly already compiled quite a list. Maybe... semantics training? In The Tyranny of Words, the author states that when they taught young children semantics, they made slight upward jumps in iq. The same may be true of any sort of like disciplinelogic, maybe even crossword puzzles? Vizualisation, used by dimestore mystics for a great deal of the time, may be helpfull in improving visual and or spatial memory. You know, memorizing, say what a bookshelf looks like, or a photograph, and then holding the image in your mind with your eyes closed. An old ninja technique for increasing tactile awareness involved bringing stones out of a box, letting the trainee feel them, returning them to the box and having the trainee describe as many as they can by feel. I suppose you could do similar things with sets of say, differently smelling objects or objects that were different in appearance... you might try taking a bottle of pennies and work on remmebering all the dates. Or memorize passages from magazine articles. The greeks used to think that a sound mind could only be achieved while the body was sound, and vice versa. I tend to beleive that this is at least somewhat true- physical activities such as baseball, fencing, gymnastics or soccer improve various aspects of coordination and balence, which is another part of the mental sphere. I have got to go to sleep though, now- it's 2:05 am, and another tenet of healthy minds is a good night's sleep. Adios, and good luck! I will probably put whatever responses you get to good use for myself to, if they are not too expensive- I mean, who wouldn't enjoy being a little more intelligent, or at the very least coherent:)

                             Skye Howard

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