Re: buns vs brains

Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 19:56:42 +1000 (GMT+1000)

[lots snipped from Phil Osborn's post, but part of it said] <<
There is also the fact that the genes necessary for intelligence are not present on the male sex chromosome.
Thus, men inherit their intelligence exclusively from the mother, or so the evidence points so far. Women, on the other hand, inherit from both parents. However, in most primitive societies, a smart daughter is competition, whereas a smart son is an asset, so this gives women an incentive to mate with dumb jocks, which reduces the likely intelligence of their daughters while having no effect on the intelligence of their sons.

This doesn't seem quite right. Even if the "genes necessary for intelligence" are not present on the male sex chromosome (Y chromosome?) it does not mean that they are not present on any of the chromosomes passed from the male side unless all of them are located on the X chromosome. Assuming this is not the case, intelligence on offsprings of both sexes would be influenced by both parents. What am i missing here? chau
Alejandro Dubrovsky