Re: Re: New Mars Global Surveyor Images Of Cydonia Region
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 21:17:32 EDT

Hal wrote:

>For the record, that 10 July image appears to mostly duplicate one of
>the previous images, although with somewhat better quality. I have the
>impression they were aiming at the "Fort" but they missed. We'll see
>if they try again...

Yes, the MGS didn't get anything new. I haven't seen a particularly good enhancement yet--or maybe it's just my computer--but it is definitely a closer view than the April image. Honestly, I'm not sure why NASA bothered with this region again...they've proclaimed disinterest (at the same time publicly claiming that the region would be rephotographed until, and I quote Dan Goldin "everyone is satisfied.")

My best guess would the prospect of water ice north of the Main Pyramid. I'd _like_ to think they were aiming at the Fort, since I think it's more liable to tell us something re. possible artificiality than the Face.

Let's wait and see.

--Mac Tonnies