Re: IA vs. AI was: longevity vs singularity

Spike Jones (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 16:51:34 -0700

> > > > IMHO reckless to the point of being suicidal.
> >
> > Funny, those are almost exactly the words I used to describe trying to
> > stop or slow down the Singularity.
> den Otter wrote:... both options are extremely risky. Still, when
> it comes to destructive potential, the Singularity wins hands down
> so we really shouldn't be so eager to cause one. It's like using a
> nuke against a riot...

Good analogy. Let us instead use a riot to stop a nuke.

I am not against a singularity necessarily, in fact it appears inevitable. Let us make the singularity work for us, not against us. Let us build nuclear powerplants, not nuclear bombs. spike