Re: minsky vs solar sails

Technotranscendence (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 08:49:55 -0700

On Friday, July 23, 1999 10:22 PM Ross A. Finlayson <> wrote:
>In terms of intra-solar travel, solar sails are great because they require
>reaction mass. This means they could maneuver indefinitely around, barring
>space junk collision or other regular or irregular space travel dangers.
>Satellites with solar sails and gyrodynes could have very very long
>lifespans. Things should be built to last thousands of years.

If my memory's correct, NASA already did have at least one satellite with panels on it that used light pressure to maneuver. This was in Earth orbit. Anybody else recall this?

It's too bad no one has yet placed one in space. (A few groups have come close.)