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At 12:54 PM 7/23/99 -0400, Mighty Xerxes <> wrote:
>At 11:43 AM -0400 7/23/99, Alex Future Bokov wrote:
>> In a narrow technical sense...
>As I said before, I would be happy to have my skepticism quashed by such
>evidence. But my personal experience with the nature of coercive
>governments leads me to believe that the likelihood that the U.S.
>government imposes such restrictions on its ability to tax its citizens is
>quite small.
The de facto US Constitution is "Anything Goes... That We Can Get Away With."

The body of statutes and case law on taxation is somewhat like the so-called "bible" -- you can find a citation to "prove" almost anything.

The person seeking fiscal freedom is somewhat like a fish among many in an ocean with a few sharks. A small percentage of fish get eaten by sharks. Some fish are very good at eluding sharks. In general, sharks go after the "sitting fish."

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Frederick Mann