Re: Re: Mars: "Rogue" memes and the laughter curtain
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 22:22:15 EDT

Lee Crocker wrote:

>>(Lee Crocker, apparently recognized as one of the most rational
>> posters, accused me of _making up_ SPSR...

>I have no problem with people accusing me of being a pompous
>ass (I often am), but this is simply 100% false. I made no such
>accusation. Indeed, not one word of anything I have written
>accused Mr. Tonnies of anything but gullibility.

I checked my backlog and, yes, you certainly seemed to insinuate that I was constructing a tissue of crap. I can tolerate being accused of gullibility, to a point (because I know it's baloney). If I misunderstood you and misrepresented you, then I'm truly sorry. But at least maybe now you know what it feels like (and no, I'm not singling you out).

--Mac Tonnies