RE: Mars: "Rogue" memes and the laughter curtain
22 Jul 1999 14:38:39 -0700

On Thu, 22 July 1999, Billy Brown wrote:

> [snip]Actually, I think what you've run into here is a perfectly rational
> response to a world filled with charlatans. It isn't possible for me to
> personally research every unlikely claim that I hear, because there are
> simply too many of them. An intelligent, sane person will deal with this
> problem by placing all such ideas into a mental holding tank, labeled
> "probably false, but I don't actually know for certain", and ignore them
> unless clear evidence turns up. He will actualy investigate one of these
> claims every once in a while, as a way of keeping his classification scheme
> accurate, and he will slowly build up a list of others who he trusts to
> accurately assess such claims.[snip]

> If I happen to be wrong, firm evidence will turn up in time (and the fact
> that I dismissed it for a few years won't hurt me). If I'm right, I've
> saved myself some time. Either way I'm not going to waste time arguing
> with people who believe in the theory (I leave that to the people who have
> actually investigated this particular claim).

Ditto! Coudln't have said it better. And thanks for saving me the trouble of having to write what you just said in case this thread were to turn ugly.

Paul Hughes