Re: SomatoPro vs. Melatonin
22 Jul 1999 12:16:25 -0700

On Thu, 22 July 1999, Ralph Lewis wrote:

> Or the size of the capsule! Many of the "natrual" supplements require more bulk.
> That is why I liked the earlier liquid form of Renewtrient before California
> forced it off the market.
> Best Ralph

Hi Ralph! It was *you* who promted me to try Renewtrient in the first place. I was unable to find any, which eventually led me to SomatoPro. Needless to say, I've become a covert to this stuff.

Along with the case of SomatoPro I just ordered I also got a bottle of RenewTrient which I am able to obtain in my state. I'm interested in comparing the two.

Paul Hughes