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>Dear colleagues,
>Let me inform fellow SETI League volunteers about the first volcor
>from Ukraine.
>Alexey V. Arkhipov was born in Kharkov (East Ukraine) in 1959.
>M.S. - astronomy, Kharkov State University 1981.
>Ph.D. - astrophysics, radio astronomy; Main Astronomical Observatory of
> Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine) 1998.
>Dissertation: "New approaches to the problem of search for extra-
>terrestrial intelligence".
>Professional Experience:
>1980-84 Engineer, Scientific Researcher, Institute of Radiophysics
> and Radiophysics and Electronics, Acad. Sci. Ukrainian SSR.
>1984- Scientific Researcher, Institute of Radio Astronomy,
> Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine.
>Areas of Specialization:
>Decametric radio emmission of the Jupiter.
>Professional Affiliations:
>Society for Planetary Research (SPSR) - member.
>SETI Center, Moscow, Russia - member.
>Selected Papers:
>1. Arkhipov A.V. Search for artificial cosmic radio emission // In:
> Bioastronomy - The Next Steps.- Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic
> Publishers.- 1988.- P.337-342.
>2. Arkhipov A.V. Alternative search for artificial cosmic radio
> emission //40th Congress of the International Astronautical
> Federation, October 7-12, 1989, Malaga, Spain. -
> Paper IAA-89-649.- Paris: IAF.- 1989.- 3p.
>3. Arkhipov A.V. Radio search for alien space probes // Bioastronomy.
> The Search for Extraterrestrial Life - The Exploration Broadens. -
> Berlin: Springer-Verlag.- 1991.- P.244-246.
>4. Litvinenko L.N., Arkhipov A.V. Bioastronomy in the Ukraine //
> Third Decennial US-USSR Conference on SETI. Santa Cruz, California,
> August 5-9, 1991. -San Francisco: ASP, 1993.- P.19-24.
>5. Arkhipov A.V. On the importance of nonclassical SETI // The
> Observatory.- 1993.- V.113.- N1117.- P.306-307.
>6. Arkhipov A.V. Archeological elements of lunar exploration //
> Solar System Research.- 1994.- V.28.-N4-5.- P.467-469.
>7. Arkhipov A.V., Graham F.G. Lunar SETI: a justification// The Search
> for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in the Optical
> Spectrum II. - SPIE Proceedings.- V.2704.- Washington: SPIE.- 1996.
> - P.150-154.
>8. Arkhipov A.V. On the possibility of extraterrestrial-artefact finds
> on the Earth// The Observatory.- 1996.- V.116.- N1132.- P.175-176.
>9. Arkhipov A.V. New arguments for panspermia // The Observatory.-
> 1996.- V.116.- N1135.- P.396-397.
>10. Arkhipov A.V. Archaeological reconnaissance of the Moon // Meta
> Research Bulletin (USA).- 1997.- V.6.- N3.- P.33-35.
>11. Arkhipov A.V. Extraterrestrial technogenic component of the
> meteoroid flux // Astrophysics and Space Science.- 1997.- V. 252.-
> N 1.- P. 67-71.
>12. Arkhipov A.V. Earth-Moon system as a collector of alien artefacts
> // Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.- 1998.- V. 51.-
> N 5.- P. 181-184.
>13. Arkhipov A.V. Astroinfect Effect: revised model // Journal of the
> British Interplanetary Society.- 1999.- V. 52.- N1.- P. 37-40.
>Current Activity:
>1. The project "Search for Alien Artifacts on the Moon"
> (SAAM) is developed by the author since 1992. The
> justifications of Lunar SETI, the wording of specific principles
> of lunar archaeology and the search for promising areas on the
> Moon were the first stage of the project (1992-95). Already obtained
> results of lunar exploration show that the search for alien
> artifacts on the Moon is a promising SETI-strategy especially in
> context of the lunar colonization plans.
> The purpose of the second SAAM stage is the search for
> promising objects on the Moon for archaeological reconnaissance
> in future. The computer algoritms are proposed and realised for
> automatic search for unusual formations on Clementine's HIRES
> images. This survey is in progress.
>2. It is shown that finds of extraterrestrial artifacts
> are possible on the Earth, even if visits of extraterrestrials to
> the Earth were not realised. Even without interstellar flights,
> the spontaneous leakage of interplanetary debris into the
> interstellar medium is inevitable (by e.g. gravitational interaction
> with the planets). That is why I am collecting information about
> promising finds in prehuman layers and among pseudometeorites.
>Could this activity be supported by SETI League (at least formally)?
> Sincerely,
> Alexey V. Arkhipov