Re: longevity vs singularity

Spike Jones (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 21:19:47 -0700

> Skye Howard wrote: I was wondering if any of you had practical and
> inexpensive methods of attaining maximal longevity....

Im betting on caloric restriction, but I do not necessarily recommend it, especially if you are currently young (<30). In order to pull it off you really need to be at least a little obsessive compulsive (like me). The reason I go to such extremes is that I figure I am right about on the edge: that is, if I can make it until about 80, (a little over 40 yrs from now) then nanotech should kick in just in time to help me live until... who knows. But I dont suspect nanotech will be ready much before then. And Eliezer's singularity could spoil the whole thing, but maybe not.

Speaking of which, someone please forward this to Eliezer, since Im in his kill file:

Eliezer, why whats the big hurry with this singularity thing? Arent you a little curious to see how far we humans could go without *that* coming along and doing...who knows what? Maybe the new software really wont be interested in keeping us carbon units around. I *like* us. spike