Re: Mars: "Rogue" memes and the laughter curtain

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 22:11:14 -0400 wrote:
> >Open letter, huh? Well, for what it's worth, Crocker's right and you're
> >wrong. You're insufficiently skeptical and most of the "mysteries"
> >you've been posting about are known loads of crap.
> I honestly think this issue is an emotional/social one; the nature of the
> Cydonian formations is a secondary issue at best. Paul was right in his post
> of a few days ago. I have the distinct impression of being rejected by a
> hive mentality.

We don't know for a fact if there are or are not non-human artifacts on Mars or not, but anyone with two eyes and at least a 120 IQ can plainly see that the landscape at Cydonia is NOT a non-human intelligently constructed artifact. Since most people who are not blind can see this, we should stop wasting our breath and money dealing with a few people who refuse to beleive their own eyes.

Mike Lorrey